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Magento is a new development platform for eCommerce applications that brings flexibility and control. Full of potential, where all wishes of our customers can be achieved in their webshop. The customer himself can control the shop and perform adjustments by the customer dashboard. The shop has a built-in search engine optimization. Customer information and articles can be easily tracked. Everything you can imagine, with Magento it can be made by us. Click here for all functionalities that Magento entails.

What can RickshawSoft Smart Solutions do for your Magento store?

Configuration and consultancy

RickshawSoft Smart Solutions is experienced in developing and implementing online stores. The expanded capabilities of Magento development requires the installation, establishment of the article base structure of the administration and the extensive testing of the cart functionality. RickshawSoft Smart Solutions takes care of the configuration and consultancy in 2 phases, as shown below. The base configuration is offered in phase 1. Additional modifications, configurations and any additional options are offered in phase 2.

Phase 1: Basic configuration, part of the standard price

•     Configuration and installation of the article file.
•     Configuration of payment options (such as Paypal and Creditcard).
•     Configuration of the administration including e-mail addresses, tax, shipping, etc.
•     Extensive testing of the cart functionality.

Phase 2: Additional configuration, not part of the standard price

•     Configuration and installation of additional changes.
•     Customization / design changes, other than choice of standard designs.
•     Training.

Customization / design changes

Design adjustments can involve:
Website design concerning the homepage, the product pages, the product details and other pages
•     Pictures design for buttons, backgrounds, banners, etc.
•     Flash Components.
•     CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)components colors, fonts, layout and other aspects of Web pages defined.
•     HTML components that the final pages are displayed.
•     The user interface to fit into the overall website.
•     Adjustments to static pages such as About Us, conditions, privacy, home page, etc.

Are you interested in a Magento solution? Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Wim Krämer, +31 40 3041067.

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