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Research shows that people click on Google’s organic search results 6 times more often than on ads on the same page. Ensure a high position in the natural search results is the work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We make sure that engines find your site and we help them to understand the information on your site.

Every SEO is different. We specialize in SEO for Magento. We have developed a method that generates better results than standard SEO. In this method we use a combination of the most effective ways of SEO for Magento, to rank high in Google. During the optimization of your site, we follow the the guidelines that Google and others have published. Not doing so, could have as a result that your site would be fully banned from the search results. We make sure you are being found and keep being found.

Through a structured approach, we optimize your website in 5 steps.

Step 1: Inventory

  • Decide whether there will be advertised via Google Adwords. Google can show links to your webshop, based on search words. Through an analysis of keywords / products we can decide which keywords /products will attract more customers to the webshop. A good choice for keywords are products with a large margin (with nice products) or with a small margin (for mass products with a high volume)
  • Look which products are important for the webshop, on which products is a high conversion desired
  • Determine what enhancements are needed, to add the right keywords (also possible through product import).

Step 2: Content optimization

  • Search engines like Google are trying to adequately respond to queries. Your webshop will only be displayed if there is meaningful information about a particular keyword. Search engine optimization begins with providing interesting information about the keywords that are important to you. In this step we determine the keywords that will be optimized, and we optimize your site on those keywords.
  • Possible arrangement of Google Adwords.

Step 3: Technical optimization

Not only must your site contains useful information about keywords, the search engine must also be able to reach this information. Search engines index text almost exclusively, and they do so by following hyperlinks. In this step we analyze the accessibility of your website for search engines, and we take technical measures to increase accessibility.

Step 4: Link building campaign

Everyone wants to rank highly in search engines, so search engines try to determine the quality and relevance of your information. They do this primarily based on referrals from other websites to your website. In this step we determine the important websites for you by a market analysis and competitor analysis. Then we approach potential link partners in a planned and structured manner.

Step 5: Monitoring and reporting

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a continuous process. It is important to your rankings to determine and monitor changes in those positions. We provide monthly reports on the situation and recommendations to improve your position. The ultimate goal is to increase conversion.

Are you interested in SEO Marketing for your Magento webshop? Send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Wim Krämer, +31 40 3041067

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