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Communication through social media has already passed the hype. It's here to stay! Meanwhile, many organizations have made ‘the step’ to social media. Why? Because when people (and therefore customers!) come together on a certain place, you as an organisation want to be there too. We like to support you with that.

This requires a good strategy, you must have knowledge of the (im)possibilities of the different networks and you have to actively participate in social networks. To save you time, we can support you and do the work. Once a monthwe'll give you the progress via a report. This way you can successfully participate and get results out of your social media presence.

Through a structured approach, we will start the social marketing in 5 steps.

Step 1: Inventory

- Determining the areas of interest on which prospective customers will be recruited
- Determination of advertising slogans that will be used during the marketing
- Determine whether ads will be formulated which directly links to the products contained in the webshop.
- Decide which social networks will be filled automatically from Twitter.
- Determine the frequency of Twitter posts
- Determine the ratio of news messages / advertisements relating to Twitter posts

Step 2: Create and set up accounts

During this step, the accounts on the various social networks are created including:
- Twitter (biggest current news network in the world)
- Facebook (biggest social network in the world)
- Hyves (biggest social network in the Netherlands)
- LinkedIn (biggest business network in the world)
- Flickr (biggest photo site in the world)
- Youtube (biggest video site in the world)
Hereafter, these networks are linked together (Twitter messages will appear on the Facebook and Hyves pages). We will also place the links to the different social networks on your webshop.

Step 3: Setting up the technical environment

Prepare the technical environment to generate the advertising messages. The design of the technical environment is dependent on the decisions during the inventory phase.

Step 4: Twitter marketing

To be able to reach many (potential) customers, we developed a method to get a large number of followers in Twitter. This is based on areas of interest. Depending on the decision in step 1, the various networking sites are automatically updated by the messages posted on Twitter.

Step 5: Monitoring and Reporting

Social marketing is a continuous process. It is therefore also important to continue monitoring progress on the results of this social marketing. We provide monthly reports on the situation and recommendations to improve your position. The ultimate goal is to increase conversion.

Are you interested in Social marketing for your Magento webshop? Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Wim Krämer, +31 40 3041067 

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